Sunday, December 4, 2011

1st Easter!!!!
Here I cut out the border using "doodlecharm," "A Child's 1st Years" and "Baby Steps"

1st Steps!!!!!

1st Crawl!!!

1st Tooth!!!

1st Christmas!!!!!
For this layout, I used, cricut cartridge, "Simply Charmed"

1st Thanksgiving!!!!
For this layout I used the cricut cartridge, "Simply Charmed."

1st Halloween!!!!
This layout is for the baby's first Halloween.
Again, for this layout I used stickers, I only used the cricut to cut out the word.

Nap Time!!!!!

For this layout, I used "Baby Steps" Cricut Cartridge.

Here is another page for the baby shower.

Welcome Home Baby!!!!

For this layout, I used the "Life's a Party" Cricut Cartridge.

I cut out the stork using the "New Arrival" Cricut Cartridge and for the baby I used "Baby Steps".

This is the Baby Shower Layout.
For this layout I used stickers, I cut out the word baby shower and circle on the cricut.

This page is for the Daddy. I only used stickers and paper, on this layout I did not use the cricut.

This is the mommy page of the baby scrapbook.

For this layout I cut the mom using the "New Arrival" Cricut Cartridge.

This is the first page of the baby scrapbook.
It has a space for all the baby information.

Another layout for the baby scrapbook.

This is the 1st birthday page. "OWLS"

I am finally back, after being MIA. I was able to finally finish the scrapbook I was making for a friends friend who just had a baby. Here is the pages I did for the scrapbook.

For this layout I used the "Baby Steps" Cricut Cartridge.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Busy as a Bee...

Well, I have not posted in a while, school started and boy have I been busy. I have not been able to work on anything. This past weekend I was working on the baby album. I will be posting pictures soon and hopefully this weekend I will be able to work some more on it. Lastly, I am going to take time and scrap on the weekends, I do not get paid enough to also work on the weekends. Well I can't wait to go blog hopping, something I have not been able to do either.

Have an awesome day and weekend.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fantabulous Challenege #72

This week's challenge over at fantabulous Cricut is to make any project with a bug in it. I was so excited because that same day I received my peachy keen stamp - once upon a princess faces and my pink stamper - buggy punnies stamps. As soon as I got I wanted to use it.

Here is what I created

Cricut Cartridge: once upon a princess
Card stock: magenta, light pink, teal, white, peach, lime green and black.
Stickles: magenta, lime green, waterfall

I cut the cloud at 2 1/2".
I used cotton to put on the clouds.
Stickles used on the stars: lime green, magenta, and waterfall

I love butterflies so this is the bug I decided to use for the challenge.
I cut the butterfly at 1 3/4"
Stickies: magenta, and lime green

I cut the girl at 4 1/2"
Stickles: magenta and waterfall
I used the i-rock to put the crystals on the bow and belt of the dress.
Peachy keen stamps: once upon a princess assorted faces

My pink stamper stamps: buggy punnies.

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Bath time

I am making a scrapbook for a friend that is having baby. The layouts will consist of the baby's first year. This is the first one I have made, for the baby's first bath.

Cricut Cartridge: Baby Steps, image cut at 4.5"
Card stock: brown, beige, peach,white, light blue, and yellow.
Stickles: Yellow.
Glossy accent on the white bubbles.

Cricut Cartridge: New Arrival, phrase cut at 4"
Card stock: yellow and light blue
Stickles: yellow
Glossy accent on bubbles.

Cricut Cartridges: baby steps, image cut at 4"
Card stock: white, light blue, the one on the tub was a scrap I had.
Stickles: baby blue, star dust.