Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Past Projects

I have been scrapbooking for a little over 2 years now. I started by getting the Cricut Expression. At the beginning it took me a while to start using it. After getting use to it, I use it almost for everything I make. The first scrapbook I made took me 8 hours, it wasn't that good. As I practice I got better.My second scrapbook, which it was better than the first one but still not compare to what I do now, was for my nephew, he has been in boy scouts since he was 5. He began as a cub scout and when he was ready to become a boy scout I gave it to him as a gift. About 6 months past and I made a scrapbook for my big sister, a cruise she took to the bahamas. I posted pictures of some of the layouts because this is where my good work began. A couple of months past by and my niece wanted me to make her scrapbook. I posted some of the layouts here too because it just got better.

Here is some of my past projects.

Invitation for my dad's 50th birthday party

Valentine's Day lollipop cover.
Christmas Star Album. It's a regular album or you could display it as a star.

Birthday card for my nephew's 12 year birthday.

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